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Our Rj Team!!

Following is our Radio Shows and Rj Team for Undernet Pakistan Radio


Show: Farmaishi Program

Rj: Crocodile from London

Description: Farmaishi Program Show! to request a song in his show, request by pvt msg to him in this format: /msg Crocodile song : Dil Dil Pakistan , singer : Junaid Jamshed , dedication : Pakistan


Show: Talk Show

Rj: IsMaiL from Karachi

Description: A talk show where almost 3 to 5 caller at the same time.


Show: One Caller One Song Show

Rj: kash1f from Karachi

Description: kash1f is our oldest Rj he mostly hosted a talkshow and he know very well when to take a call and when to play songs


Show: No Request Show

Rj: beehive from London

Description: beehive mostly host a talk show and the songs which he plays are mostly of his own choice *heh* lemme tell you one thing playing requests is a difficult task


Show: Angrezi Beats Show

Rj: SuperPet from Pakistan (he travels too much; never stay at any place for much longer *lol*)

Description: He mostly plays Angreji songs and sometime he take requests too


Show: Ahmiq Show

Rj: Ahmiq from Germany

Description: Can't say anything about it as He host the show late night and when am already sleeping 😛


Show: Ruga| Show

Rj: Ruga| from Karachi

Description: He play songs of his own choice and requests too


Show: Naureen Show

Rj: Naureen from UK

Description: Show starts and end with a song 'Saans from JTHJ' heh


Show: peacHy show

Rj: peacHy from Lahore

Description: An rj playing requested and songs of own choice too


Show: Gupshup Show

Rj: Chocs from Karachi

Description: A live gupshup show in which some interesting questions are asked to callers


Show: Request show

Rj: chulbula

Description: I play requests only 😛


Show: Aadi show

Rj: Aadi from Dubai

Description: An upcomming Rj yet to host a show


Show: Bored- Entertainment show

Rj: Bored-

Description: Request songs and choice of her own


Plus we have a numberous regular callers (thanks to them).. Stay Tuned!