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History of Pakistan

A concise history of #Pakistan

Ever since the beginning of #Pakistan in 1996, it has been witness to many events. Some good, some bad. The channel goes through roughly over 500 users and on average about 1 Meg of data a day. Collectively in five years, you can imagine it has surely been through a whole lot.

The beginnings of the channel begin with the migration of a few users from EFNET to Undernet, namely Malik, X2, Salx, Sharabi, Wasim, saad, and Nazir in the beginning of ’96. At that time, there was no one on the Undernet, at a given time you would mostly see a maximum of 5 users and that includes 2 processes. But gradually people started to come and #Pakistan became a homely chatting place for many the world over. Initially saad, Reev0s, Pakistan (bot), Dost, Wasim, Sharabi and Ahmed were the regular users.

X2 had placed the first real regular bot for our use on the channel. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be with us for long. Some of you might know he died in a car accident. It is our honour to remember him here. Then Salx came along and wanted to lend a helping hand, we let him put a bot here and next thing we know he tried to take over and well, saad took care of that with his ircops friends.

Nazir applied for the channel registration around the end of ’96 and we got the channel. But it was delayed because of a person (not mentioning names) using Sharabi’s account who was misbehaving at the time when the channel inquiry was performed by the undernet.

Nazir started the administration concept which to date has worked out rather well. The first administrators were Eazy, EZ, chill, saad, ReevOS, Dost, Kami, X2, cossie, Wasim, Malik and tkx.

Admins came and left (EZ, kamran, and Farhan) because of various reasons. Reev0s left because of some incident regarding Dost. Dost was thrown out because of starting a bot war with saad and later Kamran followed for the same reason. (Personal note: saad is a lahori duffer J) . Eazy’s access was revoked because of him giving access to hackers. Nazir, the heart and soul of #Pakistan, with all his technical know-how, friendliness with everyone on the channel and one of the best sense of humours resigned after leading the channel for four years, giving over channel managment to tkx. We salute Nazir. This left us with tkx, Halai, Hinzy, Ice-B0mb and Sharabi as the admins.

Halai was selected as Channel Manager and to-date . Malik, Haka, Termin8r (Faheem), CoolRomeo (Farhan) and CheckNerd (Adeel) were the new admins. CoolRomeo moved from Pakistan to Canada and got busy and was removed from the team for inactivity. Then _`_ (Khurram) and Cybrdemon (Raza) joined the team of admins. Termin8r who was one of the most popular admins among the users, left the team on an argument with Elysium, Halai and CheckNerd and he was apparently on the wrong side of the river. _`_ also left the team for moving countries, busy with life etc. Then CheckNerd, the famous Checkie disappeared from the scene and _`_ joined back. This left us with Halai, Malik, Haka, _`_, Marie and Cybrdemon as the admins. Then Cybrdemon left the team and Guvnor and Zaxon joined the team of admins. _`_ left the team again for his personal issues, busy with life etc. Eventually, Halai left for the same reasons as _`_, life! and handed the torch over to Malik. We inducted new and exciting people in the team, subtle changes. Marie, dear Marie who had been with us for eons had to leave because of a terrible accident. We wish her a full recovery. Guvnor started a family and higher studies. Sadly Zaxon was left holding the bag after a chain of ‘dick tracy’ type events. Our youngest Admin to date Raphri’bacha, the outspoken Ismail’ and Stream’ joined us. SuperPet who had been with us rose through the ranks as a level headed Admin. Now the current administrators of #Pakistan are Malik, SuperPet, Ahmiq, Kashif and Raphri’Bacha.

Malik  is the current manager of the channel. #Pakistan has gone through fights, romances, marriages, friendships, channel takeovers, dozens of channel operators and thousands of users. This webpage is a subtle salute to the past.

Check out the People of #Pakistan page for some users who became part of our history 🙂