On this page we credit all the admins who have left the bench. Either way, we bet it’s an interesting piece of information to read.

Buffoon Extremely prim and proper, he climed the administrative ladder rather quickly. He had to leave for personal reasons.

Chill He’s another one from Texas. He’s a quiet sort of fellow, but still had a hookup with all the females on the channel. He ran the first bot (Pakistan) for the channel.

Dost Cyprus waala – Ypers! Started a huge ugly fight on a rather minor matter, left the board before he was thrown out. EZ Bolton, yes Bolton. The guy came from there, had his posse, an adminship and then, somehow disappeared. Tag-Teamed with Mozzy. EazY The Norwegian Pakistani certainly is a good-hearted person. Unfortunately he got confused and stood on the wrong side of the road which cost him his adminship.

HiNzY This lady from Iowa loves ducks, hates ostriches and is so evil, she wouldn’t even buy her son a yo-yo! Good heart & soul of #Pakistan iCe-b0mb Hailing from Karachi, he started med school, and ended up in gaming. He can be easily conned into buying old magazines.

Kamran Was present more or less, ultimately got in a fight with saad which he didn’t survive (IRC-technically) Nazir Nazir bhai, sab ka bhai! the heart and soul of #Pakistan.

Reev0s He has left because of some issue concerning dost. Actually, he was the first admin to leave #pakistan 🙂 saad Played with bots all day long. all day long. all all all day long…all day long…all day long, i’m sure he’s a bot… he grew bored and left #Pakistan to create #Lahore.

Sharabi He had an entire website dedicated to alcohol. He got married and sold out to Home Depot.

Wasim- Had his own views about certain things and expressed them really well, took irc the way it was meant to be taken, a joke.

TX Left after a long duration of stay at the channel.

waseem He is a military man, very regimental and fair-minded. He hails from Florida.

CoolRomeo Was a good admin, had an excellent sense for what was right or wrong, but unfortunately he had too less time to share with us.

tkx He was the channel manager for #Pakistan between August 2001 and June 2002. He’s a German pathan, with an infatuation with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dawson’s Creek and gaming consoles in general. He dedicated a lot of time and effort into this website and almost the entire credit goes to him.

Termin8r A popular admin among the channel users. He got into an argument and was apparently on the wrong side of the river. Termin8r left the team, before he was eventually removed.

CheckNerd Actually he never left, he somehow disappeared (But he’s out there, we know it!) The famous Checkie was booted off the rooster for setting new records in the field of inactivity. Cybrdemon(Raza) He left IRC for good. _`_ (Khurram) One blue morning, he wrote his final post in the ‘blue zone’ and disappeared.