This section is only added here for “historical” purposes plus it has always been there in all the versions of the undernetpakistan websites.

The Undernet #Pakistan’s first website was alive in 2001. It was originally hosted with the domain name The original designers/developers/coders were tkx, Nazir, HinzY, Sharabi and Pagliz, among others. The website was moved to during these folks active time.

Then came the second version of the website which was hosted still at The original coding was still used by the one developed by the previous contributors. The .net website was the most active and visited version of the site. The original coding was the one developed by the first version folks tkx etc. and the further coding was developed and managed by Halai, CheckNerd and Malik. Unfortunately, we lost all the data, all the coding and all backups of that website including the domain name in an unforseen server disaster. So we were left at point blank with no data or information available.

Then came the third version of the website which was design/coded by _`_ (Khurram). One blue morning, he wrote his final post in the blue zone and disappeared. Anyway the major change was the shifting of domain name from .net to .org. So now we are exising on

So here comes the current active version of the website which is design/coded by Salman. All the site design, color theme, and script(s) coding till now has been done by Salman. So if you find it annoying, or lagging in any aspect, please visit our forums and fill the website suggestions and feedback area with your valued ideas and comments or you may use our “Contact us” form for your comments.

To all those involved in the design and coding our sincere congratulations on a job well done. Thank you guys!